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Healthy Hides of Houston, also known as "HHH" is a non-landed clothing optional social club.  We are known mostly for our nude house parties, however we also enjoy summer outings to the local Houston area landed clubs.  We also participate in joint events sponsored by other southwest regional clubs, which include Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

We are affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and AANR-SW the oldest and most prestigious nudist organizations in the U.S. Being that we follow the principles of AANR we are a non-sexual nudist group and do not allow or support the Swingers lifestyle.  Membership in AANR is required as part of the membership to HHH.  We also strongly support and promote membership to “The Naturist Society” (TNS) another national nudist organization helping to support our rights to be nude in appropriate places.

We can assure our members of the finest standards of representation in the nation’s fastest growing sector of fun recreation.  Founded on strong democratic principals, HHH is a members’ organization.  Club officers are elected by a majority vote and all policies are subject to review and change by the general membership.  We encourage all members to share their visions and ideas, so that we may grow as an organization and as individuals.

HHH is well established in the community.  We have nudist events where we have fun without our clothes within safe surroundings.  You can expect a fun and social group of people that provides you a chance to experience fun in the nude without the restriction of clothes.

You can find friends for life and develop relationships where you can socialize in a non-smoking setting with the option of moderate use of alcoholic beverages. There is no judgement or rating on physical appearance in our club as we know that clean physical practices are all that is needed to be part of our group.

HHH tries to create an atmosphere of friendship and trust, where our members and guests may enjoy the full benefits of the nudist lifestyle in a safe and secure environment.

Our club is also a great supporter of local charities during the year starting with a collection of school supplies for the kids in September, a food drive for Thanksgiving, and a toy drive at Christmas time.  All items are donated by our generous members.

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the freedom and sense of freedom and well-being social nudism has to offer.

About Us

First Friday

What is “First Friday”?   It’s a monthly get together the first Friday of each month at a restaurant in Houston  where HHH members and Board members meet prospective members in a clothed setting  in order to get to know each other.

The next First Friday dinner will be held on Feb 7, 2020.  You must contact HHH through "Contact Us" for the invite and location information.

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