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Upcoming Events

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Oct. 27th            

HHH will be holding their November House party on the 17th where they will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their annual Thanksgiving covered dish feast followed by entertainment that surely will make you laugh.

HHH will be holding their December House party on the 8th, which is the second Saturday in December.  As usual, HHH members will be celebrating Christmas with another great  covered dish dinner feast and afterwards, Santa and one his elfves will be stopping by to help distribute the gifts for their annual gift exchange.

Nov. 17th   

 HHH will be holding their October House party on the 27th, which will be on the 4th Saturday rather than their typical 3rd Saturday and will be their annual Halloween Party.  The evening will consist of their typical covered dish dinner followed by their annual Halloween costume contest, which is always a lot of fun.

 Dec. 8th