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President’s Message - Wayne’s Word

May 2019

It’s time to start partying naked outside again, now that weather has warmed up and is starting to moderate.  Finally, Yea!!

The 5K run at Star Ranch on the 13th was a lot of fun as usual.  At first is was iffy if the run was going to be delayed or even cancelled since it was raining like heck on and off in the morning right up to a half hour before the Run, but then the sun came out and other than being slightly cool, great if you were running, but iffy if walking, the rest of the day was great.  There were a lot of people around which is always fun.  Star Ranch is continuing to improve the club as they get ready for hosting the AANR 2020 International Convention.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and you were able to celebrate with family and friends.  Our April party fell on Easter weekend this year and considering that was the case, we managed to hold to our average party attendance of 24, including a few Prospective Members, which was great.  The General Assembly meeting I feel went smoothly which included an update from our officers on general HHH business, approved Mark B. for membership and had a general discussion regarding ideas for this coming Christmas gift exchange methodology and a few other miscellaneous suggestions.  After the meeting I attempted to show a video from one of our past Talent shows, but the sound track was poor and there was too much background noise in the kitchen/living room to enjoy it, sorry about that, I tried.  There was a suggestion to show more of the pictures that get taken at our parties, so I will do that more often at least when the party is at our house.

May is here which means it is time again for our annual pool party at our house, and a Memorial Weekend (Saturday) get together which will be at Emerald Lake.

We have outings planned for each month over the summer, so be on the lookout for announcements and reminders as we get closer to those dates.

Hope to see you at the pool party!!


Wayne K

President, HHH

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