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President’s Message - Wayne’s Word

June 2018

I am pleased to announce two new people have joined the HHH Board of Directors.  Tracy H. will now take over the responsibility of “Certifying Officer and Executive Secretary” relieving me from being Acting CO for over a year now.  Also, Ann D. will be taking over as Newsletter Editor replacing Dave (Wizard).  Welcome Tracy and Ann, and thank you so much for your interest in being part of the leadership of HHH, glad to have you on our team.

What a great day at Emerald Lake we had on Saturday of the Memorial Weekend.  The weather was perfect for spending time in the pool and lake, and just hanging out for the day.  We had a total of 10 of us from HHH, plus unplanned, past members Felix and Ernie just happen to be there too, which was great seeing them again.  They are doing great, and they brought their huge motor home to spend the weekend.

Being that Natural Horisun (NHI) is still recovering from Harvey and doesn’t look like they will recover anything soon, our only options for summer get-togethers are Emerald Lake and Star Ranch, or maybe another get together at our house.   Our next scheduled events in June are Emerald Lake on June 16th and the following weekend at Star Ranch, mostly because the AANR-SW convention is June 21st – 24th.  The General Assembly meeting will be on Friday the 22nd.  If you don’t come for the meeting, come on out on Saturday and join us for the day or weekend.  Sylvia and I, and Sandy and Jeannette will be there for sure.

We will come up with a plan for July and August and we will let everyone know soon what we come up with.  September we have the annual HCN Boat Trip on Lake Travis and our annual Pool Party at our house which will keep us busy for September.

Hope to see you this summer!!


Wayne K

President, HHH

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