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President’s Message - Wayne’s Word

June 2019

Summer is definitely here as you can tell by the temperatures during the past couple of weeks, and that means it’s time for enjoying the outdoors without clothes, which many of us have already started!!

We had two great outdoor events during May, first our annual May Pool Party on the 18th followed by a great day at Emerald Lake on Saturday of Memorial weekend.  Both events were well attended with 26 total people at the Pool Party, including 6 prospective members.  I was worried earlier in the week as the weather report did not look good for Saturday, but luckily things changed and even though it looked like it was going to rain several times during the party, it only did around 10 pm with a short shower.  The temperature was perfect to spend most or all of the evening outside, for those who wanted to be.  We had several great games of water volleyball, which was a lot of fun.  Also, many thanks go out to Tim O. for helping me out by doing the grilling of the hamburgers and hot dogs, great job!!

Memorial weekend at Emerald Lake started out on Saturday with quite a crowd, which was good to see.  We had a total of 14 people there from HHH, which was great to see.  Most everyone spent the day in or around the pool socializing and many playing several games of water volleyball.  Several of us were also either running into other people we know from other nudist events and also meeting new people, a few of which were interested in HHH.  Later in the evening Emerald Lake members served Hot Dogs and then later they had a live band, who I thought were pretty good.  Many from HHH stayed way past dark, since it was such a great evening.  Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the day with us.

As you know, we take a break during the summer from house parties, and we get together at the local clubs to give our party planners a break.  Since Emerald Lake is the closest club to be able to get the most number of members and prospective members together, we have scheduled get togethers there for both June & July.  I have a couple other ideas for August which I will keep you posted on.  Please note the date change for July to the 13th rather than the 20th.  The 13th is the AANR International Skinny Dip Day which would be good to celebrate.  Tracy & Bobby will be hosting that event, since Sylvia & I will be away.

Our newsletter editor is also taking a break for the summer so this is the last issue until September, but I will be keeping everyone informed via email and the website regarding what’s happening during the summer.

I hope everyone has a great summer, and whatever your plans are, stay safe and have a great time.


Wayne K

President, HHH

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