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Where is HHH located?

Healthy Hides of Houston is a non-landed social club serving the Greater Houston, Texas, area. We do not have any permanent facilities for guests to visit. Our main activity consists of monthly house parties, which are hosted by members of the club who have opened their homes for our group. Party locations are thus scattered throughout the greater Houston area. During the summer, we travel to the various landed clubs in the region. Our monthly, clothed dinner is held at a public restaurant.

Does HHH have any membership restrictions regarding single males?

Most HHH members have joined as couples; however, club membership includes both male and female singles. Since HHH strives for a reasonable gender balance among the singles, the club’s by-laws specify a single male/female ratio of no more than 3/1. Our fun group is interested in obtaining new members, but only in an approximate gender-balanced fashion.

I am a married male whose spouse is not interested in nude activities at this time, but supports my desire to seek out available clothing free options. May I join HHH?

Please refer to the answer given above for single males. In addition to the issue of male/female balance, our club policy indicates that married males and females participate in HHH functions together as a couple. You do have a very understanding spouse, and this type of situation is not uncommon. However, our policy is that the spouse must attend a First Friday so that the Board members would be able to meet the spouse to assure HHH that the spouse knows you are attending a nudist club party or event. These informational dinners take place in a relaxed, public restaurant setting. Some of our female members would be happy to speak with your wife about both her concerns and the joys of nude recreation. Also, please be assured that no one is ever pressured to be nude. We all participate in this activity because it is joyful and liberating and not because we wish to traumatize anyone. Newcomers may remain clothed in whatever makes them feel comfortable at the parties, whether that is street clothes, a towel wrap, topless, etc.

I will be visiting the Houston area in the near future. May I attend an HHH function?

HHH does not cater to travelers passing through because of our policy of meeting prospective members at a “First Friday” dinner before being invited to a party. The exception to this would be if we are having a summer travel event to a local landed club, then anyone would be welcome.

I am visiting from out of town. Any suggestions on saunas or massage therapists in Houston?

HHH is a non-landed, nudist social club, focusing primarily on monthly clothed dinners, monthly nude house parties, and periodic travel to local nudist resorts. Therefore, we do not recommend any specific places or services.

We have teenagers/children at home. May they attend HHH house parties?

Many of our member couples have teenagers or young children and HHH strongly believes in family nudism. HHH house parties, however, only adult couples and singles 18 and over are allowed to become members and attend house parties. This should not imply that we discourage family nudism or that our parties are in any way sexual. We are strictly a nudist organization. Our parties are adult oriented in the same manner that a clothed house party might be adult oriented. Experience has shown that family trips to local nudist resorts (see under Links in the main menu) are more satisfying and enjoyable for children than house parties.

What does HHH do? I don’t want to get into some weird sex thing.

The purpose of our club is social enjoyment, relaxation, and fun. We have plenty of that, but the fact that we enjoy these activities in the nude does not mean that our parties are in any way sexual. Many newcomers to social nude recreation have never associated nudity with anything other than sexuality or bathing. Remember, just as it is possible for clothed activities to be sexual, unclothed activities can be asexual. HHH simply plans and provides non-sexual, clothes-free activities in a safe, secure, non-threatening environment.

What kind of people attend HHH parties? What do you have for heterosexuals or gay people?

HHH is strictly a nudist organization and, as such, parties are non-sexual in nature; therefore, the sexual orientation of our members is not relevant.

What is the HHH policy regarding photography at parties?

HHH has a designated photographer for our club functions. This person may take pictures at parties only with the expressed consent of those whose pictures are taken. Pictures taken by the official photographer will be placed in the HHH club photo albums or, by request, given to the subject of the photo, and are not for general distribution. With specific permission from the photo subjects, certain photos may be selected for use on the HHH Internet web site. These photos will be altered as required to make the subjects unrecognizable to their satisfaction. Once a year, or on special occasions, HHH takes a group picture for publication in our brochure. Members are informed of the purpose for which the picture will be used, and given the option to participate or not. Other than these pictures taken by the designated HHH photographer, photography by members is not allowed at HHH functions.

I am 17 years old. May I join HHH?

HHH membership is open only to adults 18 years and over. Your interest in the club is appreciated and we encourage your pursuit of this unique activity; however, given the somewhat controversial nature of nude recreation and the desire to avoid potential legal complications, it is the policy of HHH to admit only adult applicants. The HHH philosophy does support family nude recreation. We suggest that you either convince your parents to plan a family trip to one of the area nudist resorts, or that you wait a few years, find a suitable partner, and contact HHH once again.