Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

May  2021

I just wanted to give you another update after having our first get together at Emerald Lake on May. 8th and let you know about some additional dates of get togethers scheduled for the summer and beyond and the basic plan of getting back to a more normal schedule.  The full schedule for the rest of the year is posted on our website calendar.
I will be using the term “slow start” as we start to get together again, first as outdoor events only, and then assuming things go well for the US to vaccinate at least 70% of adults by sometime in July, we should be able to start our First Friday’s and house parties again in September, including the HCN Boat Party in Sept. which had already been re-scheduled since last year’s cancellation.  Hopefully, it will be a lot higher then 70% before our next house party.  I believe the timing of this schedule is good since it pretty much follows our typical year anyway from this point forward of outdoor vs indoor events.  This schedule is always subject to change, especially if things change due to unforeseen circumstances with virus variants etc.  I understand there are varying degrees of comfort levels within our membership on getting together whether it be outdoor or indoor during this time of our “slow start”, just do what you are most comfortable with at this point and be smart about staying safe which is the most important thing.
Our scheduled event at Emerald Lake this past Saturday went very well, the weather was great, but unfortunately the pool was still on the cool side so only a few brave souls went in the water but lots of people were enjoying the sun around the pool.  For the first time in years, I set up a tent with our banner on it in the grassy area outside of the pool area which worked out great, prospective members could find us, and a few others stopped by to ask about HHH.  Even though we only had a hand full of HHH members, we did have 8 prospective members who spent time hanging out with us so we could get to know each other, which was a lot of fun.  We even had a longtime friend Jerry H. many of us know from NHI stop by who I/we hadn’t seen in many years it was great seeing him again.  Having the tent set up, gave everyone a chance to sit in a small group, or be in a larger group by the pool depending on everyone’s comfort level.


Wayne K.

President, HHH