Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

Sept.  2021

Our Indoor Events are canceled once again, for now!!  Look below for newly scheduled outdoor events at EL & Star Ranch!!
As September approaches, important decisions needed to be made as to our previously scheduled September First Friday and House Party and beyond as to whether to cancel them or not.  These decisions have weighed heavy on my mind (very stressful), as I have been greatly torn (like many of you), in doing the most responsible thing and at the same time so wanting to get back to having our get togethers with our friends, plus meeting the many people who have inquired about joining HHH in the last year and a half.  The most responsible thing has won out again for the health & safety of both Sylvia and I, and our members and our future members.  I sincerely appreciate your support and understanding under these circumstances, yes this is getting old but necessary.
As I mentioned in my last update back in June, I like many if not all of us was extremely optimistic about the summer and the future about “getting back to normal” especially with the initial vaccine response, mass vaccination sites etc., however as we know the rate of that dropped off significantly and the new variant has taken hold in many areas taking us back to the January levels.  Currently with hospitals in the Houston and surrounding areas at dangerous levels and knowing that even us vaccinated people are now at risk, I have now made the final decision to cancel our planned indoor events/parties, for now.  Once the Booster shot is widely available later in September and Sylvia and I are better protected from this latest surge, I will revisit the possibility of hosting the fall and winter parties once again, this will obviously be a month-to-month assessment, and what the status is in our area hospitals etc.
With that said, many of us have enjoyed the get togethers we have had over the summer at Emerald Lake and Star Ranch, where we even had a chance to meet a few prospective members which was great, bear in mind these were all outdoor gatherings which was a much safer environment than any indoor event.  
 Updated Schedule for Sept. & Oct.

 – Sept. 18th – In place of the house party – Get Together at Emerald Lake – No special event day!!

– Oct. 2nd – Get Together at Emerald Lake – Octoberfest

– Oct. 9th – 5K Run “Chilly Cheeks” at Star Ranch.  Even though there are serious runners, many of us just walk and socialize, and just have fun.

Because First Friday Dinner’s are canceled for now, Prospective Members who have not been to a First Friday dinner or met us this summer, here are 3 more chances to meet us which would count toward your membership requirements if you spend time socializing with us.
Hope to see you at one of these scheduled events and get to enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Wayne K.

President, HHH