Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

October 2020

To: All HHH & Prospective Members

Just a note to say Hi, and again re-iterate HHH is still alive and well, just on pause, albeit a long pause, certainly a lot longer than most of us thought back in mid-March.

Unfortunately, the fact is, the virus has not gone away yet and is not looking good as we go into the fall.  Therefore, we are still not in the position to host HHH events, especially in a house party setting and be able to follow the CDC guidelines such as social distancing etc. and do it safely and responsibly.

One of the key indicators I will continue to monitor is the “Harris County Treat Level”, which as of the latest info I can find, we are still in the Red Zone.  Since the majority of HHH members live, work, and visit with family and friends in and around Harris County and the Houston area, that will continue to be the guiding source of decision making, but certainly, taking into account what is happening in Texas and nationally as a whole, as well.  For the safety of our members and hosts, I/we will continue to follow the worst-case scenario until there is a dramatic improvement.  Realistically I cannot see being able to have another party until sometime next year, however things can always change.

As far as First Friday’s, even though Golden Corral has re-opened, and yes we could limit the number of people in our private room and yes we could space people out.  However, by doing that, it seems to defeat the whole purpose of being able to meet with Prospective Members on a one on one basis to get to know each other and it’s a problem to even socialize with our regular attendees and converse easily when spread out.  Also, many of us regulars and most likely prospective members, including Sylvia and I are still not comfortable being with others that we do not know how serious they have been taking the virus, and we do not want to be around those that are not.  So, for now, First Fridays will continue to be suspended until further notice.

Just a note to our Prospective Members who we have not met yet:  Please be patient, just like our members need to be, we are just as anxious to meet you as you are of us.  As I said in my opening remarks, we are not going anywhere!  HHH has been an active group since the early 90’s and we expect to continue for many years in the future however, just when it is safe to do so.  We have a great group of members and Board of Directors just waiting to get back to planning our dinners and fun activities.

I hope everyone and your families and friends are staying well and continue to do so.



Wayne K.

President, HHH