Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

Dec.  2021

First, I want to thank everyone very much for your patience over of past two years, and certainly your support in the decisions I had to make in an effort to keep all of us safe and not contribute to any major illness or worse of anyone.  I know several of you have lost family and friends during this pandemic and our hearts and prayers go out to you.
2021 was another challenging year as HHH tried to get back to some normalcy from the pandemic.  As summer approached us, and more and more people were getting vaccinated, most of us felt comfortable doing outdoor events again which allowed us to schedule HHH events at Emerald Lake and Star Ranch, which was a lot of fun.  7 events total, including the 5K at Star Ranch in October were scheduled from May through October, which was great.  The turnout was mixed, but those of us who did attend were really feeling great about seeing some of our HHH friends who we hadn’t seen in over a year or more and meeting several prospective members too, 3 of which were approved for membership at the end of the party Saturday evening.  Unfortunately, as fall was approaching the virus was beginning another wave and I felt it was best to cancel the fall parties we had hoped to have had, but felt it was necessary.
As December approached us, and vaccine boosters had become available already for a couple of months prior, and Sylvia and I had gotten ours, we felt more comfortable hosting our first indoor party since February of 2020, which was the Christmas party held this past Saturday.
The Christmas party was great!!  The food was great too as usual, thanks to Sylvia for preparing the meats, etc. and everyone for bring the rest, it is always much appreciated!!  Santa decided not to come this year since apparently there were too many naughty people in the audience, however Jerry the Elf made his usual appearance to preside over our Fun Gift Exchange, which of course was full of laughs, thanks so much Jerry!!  The gifts all fell into the requested fun, cool and useful categories including a few gift cards which were sought after as well as several other gifts.  After a couple of years of trying different ways to do the exchange, we decided to go back to our traditional way, with the only difference being you could only be stolen from twice instead of three times, which helped to make the exchange go a little faster.  This method was well received by the group.  We had a total of 25 people including 4 prospective members attend, which in the end was our typical party size over the previous few years.  It was awesome to see a lot of you again!!  Thanks for all the compliments regarding the party it is always nice to hear and appreciated.
As we start 2022, I am being cautiously hopeful that we can continue with our house parties into this coming year, however as in the past 2 years, I will be monitoring what is happening with the new variants and how it is affecting the Houston area, on a month-to-month basis.  Again, the health and safety of our members are of the upmost importance! 
Our party schedule for the next three month, activities will be announced at a later time :
- January 22nd (4th Saturday)
- February 19th (3rd Saturday)
- March 19th (3rd Saturday) 
Hope to see you all soon!!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy Nude Year!
Wayne K.
President, HHH