Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

July 2020

I hope this update finds you, your family, and friends well and safe!!  Please, if anyone knows of any of our members who are ill or suffering economically from this pandemic please let me know, we certainly want to do whatever is possible to help.  As of today, I have not heard of any of our members being affected which is good news.
I just wanted to reassure everyone that Healthy Hides of Houston is not going anywhere, and we will be ready to continue with our regular house parties, First Friday dinners, official gatherings at our local clubs etc. when it is safe to do so health wise.   I am continuing to monitor the status of the virus, regarding state orders, and local officials’ recommendations, as I am sure most of you are.  I reiterate once again, that our number one priority is the health and safety of our members and guests, and no party is worth giving that up, no matter how long it takes.  This is the responsible thing to do!!  With the resurgence of the virus in our area and around the country, unfortunately it looks like it may be a lot longer than was originally thought before being able to gather in groups again.  Please be patient, as I said, we are not going anywhere!!  I will continue to keep you advised as time goes on.
HHH Business
I am sorry for the late notification of the May election results for Officers/Board Members and By-law amendments, it just got away from me.  The results of the election are:  All nominated Officers/Board members were approved, as was the proposed By-law amendments, by 100% of those who voted.  65% of the membership voted.  This means all of our previous Board Members have been re-elected for another 2 years.  Congratulations, and a big thank you goes out all who agreed to continue on the Board, and thank you again to Bobby G. our Nominating Chair for trying to find other members who might have been willing to serve.  Hopefully in the future we can find a few volunteers to give those who were looking forward to a break a chance to do so.
AANR News:
The AANR International Convention originally scheduled in August to be held at Star Ranch has been cancelled, however there will be 2 days of meetings that will be held electronically instead.  The good news is AANR agreed that Star Ranch will host the convention next year in 2021.
Status of opening of our local clubs:
Emerald Lake opened to visitors on Memorial Day, and so far, I have not heard of any restrictions on the numbers of visitors.  Please be advised, if you are in the high risk group, or have been extra careful about your own health, and the safety of your family/friends, it may not wise to go on a busy weekend.  It’s hard to social distance when you are there to socialize!
Star Ranch on the other hand, has strict rules on visitors, too complicated to repeat so I have included the link below.   It is best to call the office to get the latest info. if you plan to go, however as of today this is what is posted on their website:
Stay Safe and enjoy the summer the best you can!!

Wayne K.
President, HHH