Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

Nov.  2021

I hope you all are doing well!!

I am pleased to announce that my wife and I have gotten to the point we feel comfortable hosting the December Christmas party at our house on Dec. 11th as well as starting the First Friday dinners once again on Dec 3rd.  Now that things have gotten much better regarding the virus in the Houston area, and the availability of the Covid vaccines and now the Booster shots which we both have had, has made the difference.  The plan right now is to have our traditional gift exchange and I will be discussing as to the methodology of doing the gift exchange in the near future.  Also note this is a trial start and depending how the winter progresses this could change for the early months of 2022.

It is the hope that this start will be for the long haul, however we will still be monitoring what is happening in the Houston area regarding the virus on a continual basis, and if we feel necessary to PAUSE again, we will do that.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends!!


Wayne K.