Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

March 2023

Well, it feels like spring came a little early, even though it may not stay this way!  I am ready for the warm weather to stay after this roller coaster ride of temperatures we have had lately, and I am getting exited for our coming events!

Our February party was a lot of fun as usual and turned out much different than expected since there were at least 12 HHH members on the two-week Bare Necessities Nude Cruise during the time of our party date.  After receiving a few emails from Cheri, it appears that group was having their own party without us and having a great time too, however very different kind of fun.  We are looking forward to hearing about their adventures and I am sure it will be reported on in our next newsletter.  During the February party, I was compelled to present a very special slide show honoring our dear friend Jerry with many pictures of his time in HHH.  Jerry has provided us with many hours of humor, emceeing many of our activities, arranging for many group trips and with Melanie has attended almost every First Friday and HHH party we have had.  Of course, the slide show included a lot of pictures of many of our awesome present and past HHH friends bringing back a lot of memories of the fun we have had over the years.  I also re-showed the HHH Movie that we created back in early 2016, with the creative talents of our past member Mike O. who wrote, filmed, and edited the movie, which is always fun to watch every so often.

Coming up in March will be our Auction Party, which will be the first one since February of 2020, our last party before the pandemic.  We will be looking for people to bring items from their homes that is in good shape and not being used anymore, that they think others in HHH might want, and might be willing to bid on.  Please note, this is not meant to be a garage sale!  Jerry of course will be our auctioneer making this a fun party.  The party date is March 18th!

Later in March on the 25th, Hill Country Nudists (HCN) will once again be hosting a Nude Bowling event in downtown Austin.  So far I am aware of at least 8 people from HHH that have registered including Sylvia and I.  Registration information was sent out a while ago, but if you are now deciding you want to participate and can’t find that email, please let me know and I can forward the information to you.  I am looking forward to this unique and fun event once again.

Hope to see you all soon.

Wayne K.
President, HHH

Secretary/Treasurer, AANR-SW