Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

December 2020

I personally want to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy Nude Year, and hope you are all well!!  I certainly hope 2021 will end up better in many aspects than 2020, even if it isn’t and won’t be starting off that way, as it seems to be more of a continuation of 2020.  Obviously, it is great news that the various vaccines are on the way, albeit it will take the next several months to bring the pandemic under control and get everyone vaccinated that are able to and want to.  

I am certainly aware how anxious everyone is (no more than I am) to get back to normal having our house parties, First Fridays and our get togethers at the local clubs and other events such as the 5K Runs, and the HCN Boat Party.  Your patience is and has been much appreciated, but we really have had no choice.   Realistically and should be obvious to everyone it is impossible at this point to set any kind of schedule for the new year until late spring or early summer, which the experts are predicting it may take.  Just be aware, Sylvia and I will not consider hosting another house party until we personally have been vaccinated, the virus is under control and it is deemed safe by local officials to gather in groups again.  I know you may be tired of hearing it, but it bears repeating, the health and safety of our members and guests is our number one priority.  We will be continuing to monitor the situation and will certainly start things up again as soon as possible.  

 I also want to thank everyone who contributed to the food drive, as Jerry reported we had a great response, which is very much appreciated.  I also want to thank Jerry for organizing the collection of the food items and getting them to the Houston Food Bank.  The need for donations is still very much needed, so please consider donating on your own.

Jerry sent a recent email reminding everyone of the Toy Drive which is also very much needed this year.  Christmas is only a few days away!!  Jerry will pick your donations up like he did for the food drive.  Please make arrangements directly with Jerry.  

Please enjoy the holidays the best you can, stay safe and we will see everyone at some point in 2021.


Wayne K.

President, HHH