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April 2024

Spring is here, you know what that means! Yes, more possible naked time in the sun as the weather starts moderating more in the 70’s and 80’s temperatures.

If you missed the March St. Patrick’s Day party, you really missed a good one! Besides our normal great food, and awesome hospitality by our hosts, Pat & Dorothy, was our after-dinner entertainment brought to you by our fantastic and very funny emcee Jerry. Jerry emceed our very own version of the TV game show with a twist, the Nudelywed game, live with our own couples hand-picked by Jerry, sorry Toby, lol. The game consisted of 3 couples who braved the questions which brought eye tearing laughter, at our couple’s expense of course, sorry Toby, lol. It was all in great fun and we really do appreciate the good sportsman/ladyship (is that a word) of our contestants. Everyone had a great time, and thanks again to Pat & Dorothy for hosting and our emcee Jerry.

On March 23rd, HHH participated in the AANR-SW Racing Series (NRS) at Star Ranch (Bare Buns Run). Another extremely successful day for the Racing Series, as there were just under 200 registered runners, with 166 finishers.  The day started off quite cool, I needed jeans and a heavy shirt to go from our cabin to the clubhouse for breakfast, but luckily as the sun got higher the temperature did too, to an amazingly comfortable temperature to run or walk. HHH had 11of our members at Star Ranch to either participate, cheer on the finishers, or to just socialize. We also saw one of our past member couples there who also used to host HHH parties, Felix & Ernie. It was great to see them, they are doing well! It is always fun at these events, as there are a lot of regulars that are there every year, it is like old home week each time.

The April party will be here before you know it and will be at Jim & Carol’s in Rosharon. We will be having our General Membership Meeting plus other games Carol is planning. Do not forget, nominations for all Board positions are up for a two-year term, so if you are interested, please let me know.

I am looking forward to another series of warm weather parties to enjoy the outdoors!

Hope to see you at the April Party!!



President, HHH
Secretary/Treasurer, AANR-SW