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May 2023

Wow, it’s time to write my monthly President’s Message again, is the earth turning faster or what? lol!

April started off with the AANR-SW 5K Racing Series at Star Ranch, the first Saturday of April, a week earlier than usual due to Easter weekend the following weekend.  What an awesome day it turned out to be, albeit a little cool early in the morning but then it warmed up to a very comfortable temperature by the start of the race unless you were one of the die-hard runners, but for the walkers like many of us it was perfect.  The number of registered participants reached an all time high for the April race at Star Ranch with 199 entries, quite unexpected, but everyone was thrilled with the increase.  I don’t think I ever saw the pool area so crowded.  Lots of fun people around!  Star Ranch as usual did an awesome job as did all of the volunteers helping to put on this fun event.  There were about 12 people from HHH including one of our newest prospective members too, which was awesome.  Like the other joint events HHH does, it’s always like “old home week” as many people that we see at these events is quite typical to see them year after year.  I personally saw so many people I know, I was fairly hoarse by Sunday morning, lol.  It is so much fun running into people you have known for years and meeting new ones.

The April party was another unexpected treat, another perfect day, which allowed me to heat the pool for the first time this season.  Several people were in the pool, mostly just socializing and meeting people who some had not met before.  The food theme was Italian which seemed to be a big hit, who doesn’t like Italian?  Since the outside temperature stayed nice all evening many people ate dinner outside, also a first for the year.  As required, between 8 pm – 9 pm, we held our annual General Assembly.  The purpose is to keep our members informed of “What’s Happening at HHH”, since we always try to be as transparent as possible.  We actually did finish within the hour, which I am sure everyone was glad about.  Michele and Richard joined us for the meeting via Zoom, since Michele wasn’t quite up to making the trip to our house after just having quadruple bypass surgery a little more than a week prior.  Michele is doing well, and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

Sylvia and I will be hosting two summer parties like we did last year in June and August, where we will start at 2 pm instead of 5 pm so everyone can enjoy the pool longer and hopefully play some water volleyball etc.  The June party will be on the 24th (Fourth Saturday).  We are not planning anything in July including First Friday, as Sylvia and I will be on our annual road trip most all of July.

Hope to see you all at the May party!

Wayne K.
President, HHH

Secretary/Treasurer, AANR-SW