President's Message

March 2020

I want to re-iterate what I had said in the email I sent regarding the final results of the Auction Party fundraiser.  Again, I want to thank everyone who donated items for the auction, and our very generous members who bid on these items, we had the best total in the past 10 years, I can’t thank you all enough.  Also, many thanks to Jerry who did a great job as usual as our auctioneer, we couldn’t do it without you.

Coming up this month is a pool and game night party at Richard and Linda’s on the 21st of March.  I hope the weather is good so we can enjoy being outside in a nice warm pool.  There was quite a cheer when I announced this coming event at the last party, since those of you who had been at their house for the Thanksgiving party really enjoyed their house and the pool and were excited about another party there.  We are all looking forward to the party.

In April we have two events scheduled, the first on the 18th is the 5K Run at Star Ranch, which a few of us participate in or help the Star Ranch staff with the Run.  One of our newer members Matt Z. won first place overall this past year, which is awesome.  Matt is an avid runner, and generally attends all of the races in the region, and many other Runs throughout the country some a lot longer than 5K.  We also have our April party on the following weekend, the last Saturday in April on the 25th.  The April party has traditionally been our General Assembly meeting as part of the evening events.  I have been asked to shorten the meeting, which I will find a way to do the best I can.  This meeting is required based on our By-laws.  After the meeting we will have some entertainment to keep us laughing, which is being worked on.

Hope to see you all soon.


Wayne K.
President, HHH