Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH)

President's Message

April 2021

Happy Springtime, and Happy Easter to everyone!!  I hope everyone is doing well!!

It is hard to believe that it’s been a little over a year since we all had last gotten together, a whole lot has happened since then.  I am not going to dwell on the past year since there is no point however, I am cautiously more optimistic than I have been in the past months about at least the second half to this year of returning to a more normal life and the return of our HHH parties and other events at some point.  I still believe it’s still hard to predict exactly when our first house party or First Friday may be and will be looked at on a month-to-month basis as we approach the summer.  Again, the guide to at least house parties will remain what our local health experts and local Harris County officials are saying at the time.  It is my gut feeling only that we may have get togethers at Emerald Lake & Star Ranch first and our first house party in September, but that could change, we will see.
There are several important items I want to mention:
The year 2020 was full of changes to the normal because of the pandemic in many parts of our lives because of not being able to physically get together with others, and HHH was no exception.  Since we had no activities or expenses, other than money spent on Website Security since the beginning of March of 2020, and the fact we are still not able to determine when we can resume our activities, I felt there was no point to have our typical February Mid-Winter Board meeting, or our April General Assembly meeting this year (2021) since there wouldn’t be much to discuss.
However, the most important item that is typically discussed at our February Mid-Winter Board meetings is to set a new Budget for the coming fiscal year which started March 1, 2021 and goes through Feb. 28, 2022.   The new budget was reviewed and approved via email by our current Board Members this past week.  A few points of interest are: As you are aware we collected both HHH & AANR dues for all of 2020, plus having a very successful auction which was included at the beginning of this past fiscal year with only the one expense, showing a significant net income, which obviously is not our typical year.  Because we (the Board) agreed to not charge for the HHH portion of your membership dues and only the AANR portion during all of 2021 (for members who paid in 2020), this is reflected in the new budget, and assumes a minimal membership income, and that spending will occur mostly during the 2nd half of 2021 through Feb. 28, 2022.  Sorry if this all sounds confusing, but not sure how else to explain it, and if you need any clarification, please let me know.  Please be aware, there is money in the budget for paying HHH members grounds fees a couple of times this summer for get togethers at Emerald Lakes.  I will promote them when they are scheduled.

Just letting everyone know, even though our parties and events have been on hold, we still received many inquiries from prospective members in the past year, at least 6 couples and many singles, which is good news to know the interest in HHH still continues for people wanting to be part of HHH.  All of the prospective members have been added to my group list for invites to First Friday’s (when they start again) and I will also include them when we start having planned events at Emerald Lake.  Speaking of Emerald Lake, just so you are aware, daily grounds fees and yearly membership fees have gone up.  Daily ground fees are now $35.00/couple or single for AANR members, and $40.00 for non-AANR members.   

Also, just letting everyone know the AANR-SW Racing Series (5K runs) have been scheduled for this year, with alternate dates for each hosting club.  If you are interested check the links on this website or websites for dates and hosting club websites for details.  Each club will be doing what they can to make the run safe for their participants.  Not sure if all, but some clubs are requiring pre-registration and will not allow registration the day of.  I personally will not be able to participate this year at the April Star Ranch run (next Saturday April 10th) due to a family wedding in KY.  The AANR Southwest Convention in June and the AANR International Convention in August will both be at Star Ranch this year, so you may consider attending,  Sylvia and I will be at both.  Dates are on the website.

The Hill Country Nudists (HCN)’s Boat Party on Lake Travis is scheduled for Sept. 11th.  When the registration forms are available, I will pass them on.

AANR is celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year on July 10th, publicized as the “90th AANRversary” and they are asking clubs to submit pictures of their events to AANR to be included in the Bulletin.  AANR clubs in the US and Canada will be having special events to celebrate on that day.  Sylvia and I will most likely be in NJ for our annual visit to our family on that day, so we will not be able to host a special party, but hopefully our local Texas clubs will be participating so you could join them for the big event, if so desired.

Can’t wait to see everyone, hopefully sooner than later!!


Wayne K.

President, HHH