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HHH is an AANR affiliated Club. While attending any HHH scheduled event (clothed or unclothed), guests, prospective members or club member must follow the basic principles of social nude recreation set forth by AANR and HHH By-Laws and Standing Rules.
The following is a summary of HHH Club Policies and Nude Etiquette, which is expected at any HHH event.

  1. Always sit on a Towel.  Never use a wet towel on furniture in our host(s) home.
  2. HHH is not sexually oriented.  Sexual activity will not be tolerated in association with any HHH event.  Violations will be grounds for termination of membership in HHH.  Sexual activity is minimally defined as anyone intentionally causing sexual arousal to oneself or to someone else.
  3. Sexual propositioning of any kind during an HHH event, clothed or unclothed is prohibited.
  4. Illegal drugs, excessive drinking, profanity, obscene or vulgar language, offensive familiarity, or offensive or indiscreet behavior is prohibited.
    Note: Alcohol use in general is at the discretion of the host(s) who may request an alcohol free party.
  5. If a host(s) allows alcohol consumption, it will be BYOB only. Host(s) shall not provide or serve Alcohol to any party attendee.  This is for the protection of the host(s) from any possible liability.
  6. Smoking is never allowed at Healthy Hides of Houston parties.  The smoking prohibition applies to both indoor and outdoor areas at house parties and to the indoor areas at HHH sponsored resort parties. This rule is for the benefit of all club members and guests in attendance and may not be compromised.
  7. Do not under any circumstances exit a host(s) house without your clothes on, where you would be visible to neighbors.  Besides causing a possible embarrassing situation for the host(s) with their neighbors, we don’t need the local police showing up at the door.
  8. Members are responsible for any damage to host(s) property due to their own actions or the actions of their family or guests.
  9. Use coasters under drink cups.  If you don’t see the coasters, please ask the host.
  10. Pick up after yourself, and always help clean up at the end of the party.
  11. House Party times are generally 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm unless specified otherwise. Respect the host by leaving on time.  Don’t wait to be asked to leave.
  12. Follow the rules of the landed clubs that HHH visits as a group, HHH’s reputation will be at stake because of your actions.
  13. Attendance at HHH house parties is limited to adults 18 years and older.